Ritzy Living Wage performance – Brixton

Afternoon dudelets,
Yesterday I did a little performance in the street outside the Ritzy cinema in Brixton. The staff there were on strike to try to get Picturehouse to pay them a Living Wage. The London Living Wage is calculated to be enough for someone to survive in London, without having to take on another job or have a questionable standard of living. Flipping buttloads of people don’t pay it. In some instances that’s understandable, but for a massive company like Cineworld (which has just taken over Picturehouses) not to pay it is mean, and bad business for them to boot.
I had to stop a couple of times for police cars and motorbikes to go past, but it was really nice. A lady called Hannah at the front accompanied my songs on her violin, and another lady acted as a mic stand for that dumbarse bit I do with the ducks.
Here’s their facebook page if you want more information:


And London Citizens’ Living Wage page:


They’ve got loads of the big banks to pay their cleaners properly, and have recently moved on to targeting retailers like Tesco.

One response to “Ritzy Living Wage performance – Brixton

  1. Really enjoyed your set!
    Especially the bit about the talking dog.
    Living Wage for the Ritzy Workers!

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