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Goofy and peculiar, Stephanie Laing’s comedy is partway between the needy oddness of Maria Bamford and the upbeat affability of Josie Long. Her material is a mix of silliness, filth and unusual observations, underpinned by a disarming honesty which makes her seem charmingly vulnerable.

Stephanie started performing in April 2007 on the Scottish comedy circuit. She had shows at the Edinburgh Festival in 2014 and 2015, and has performed at The Stand, The Comedy Store, The Comedy Cafe, Crack Comedy, Downstairs at The King’s Head, Mirth Control, Hilarity Bites, Eminent Banter and XS Malarkey, among others. She was a finalist in the Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year 2015. She is now based in Manchester.

Audience Reviews:

Praise for Mad About the Boy:
‘Stephanie Laing is incredible: honest, poignant, little bit filthy and above all else hilarious. Not ‘they’re funny’ hilarious but ‘I am laughing so hard I am in pain’ hilarious. Go to this. Tell your friends to go to this. Make sure they go to this.’ Mac Handler,

‘Stephanie has an innocent look to her that lures you into thinking there may be fluffy unicorn stories ahead but this thought is quickly pushed aside as her slightly shocking and sometimes downright filthy tales spill out.
She is naturally charming, quick witted and hugely endearing with the ability to capture your imagination with her beautifully presented story telling.
I am delighted we got to see her before she gets all famous and “Live at the Apollo’d”. A proper highlight of the Fringe, if you like laughing, go see her!’ Steve Vellam,

‘In “Mad About the Boy”, Stephanie Laing takes us on a journey through some of her relationship misadventures with a mixture of charm, wit, honesty and downright filth.
The material would stand on its strength alone, and when allied to her slightly kooky delivery style, it makes for an engaging fifty or so minutes that just fly by. Added to this, Stephanie has a natural ability to go off-piste to either embellish a point or ad lib with the audience for a while.
This year I have seen 25 shows from comedians that might be described as ‘up-and-coming’, including three nominated for the top award. “Mad About the Boy” is on a par with the very best I have encountered.’ David Kelly,

Praise for Nincompoop:
***** ‘The show was brilliant. There was a superb mix of comedy and Stephanie engaged the audience throughout the 50 minuet set which, because the room was small, felt intimate and personal. I laughed the whole way through and my ‘laugh of the festival’ was a section in her song about a fox killing a pirate, sang to a popular Christmas classic, which had me in tears… It is that kind of show! I would 100% recommend this show. For a free, late night stand up comedy set, you couldn’t ask for more.’ Will Jefford,

**** ‘Stephanie is funny, that’s always useful in an hour show, she is also clever, vulnerable, a bit of a loony, shocking at times, way over the line at times too but I loved it. Definitely worth a butchers whilst you can see her for free.’ Wolfy1,

Press Quotes:

‘Laing is a jovial, baby faced performer who comes across as utterly unencumbered, so it doesn’t especially feel like adult humour when it plainly is. She looks thoroughly happy to be speaking to us and the atmosphere is relaxed. It’s quite a devastating technique. And thanks to her having natural comic timing and delivery, it’s funny, too. Laing has a Sarah Millican-esque appeal.’ Chortle
‘Truly commanded the crowd. Disgusting and delightful in equal measure. She is definitely one to watch.’ Three Weeks
‘Stephanie Laing offered up a gloriously silly set, coming across as wonderfully unpretentious and getting the audience on her side from the first line. Her off-the-wall observations about her own anxieties were delivered with awkward tenacity and came off as entirely believable mementoes of her everyday life.’ Broadway Baby

Industry Quotes:

‘Quirky and wacky with loads of charm. One to watch.’ Noel Faulkner, Comedy Cafe
‘Fresh attitude, surprisingly different, nothing stereotypical. Great timing, intelligent material, rude but not gratuitous. A young lady with an act of superbly timed naughtiness that makes you gasp and laugh all at once. A must see!’ Nick Steel, Bath Comedy Festival
‘A delightful presence at any gig, engaging audiences with her charm, originality and confidence. She is professional in her attitude on and off stage and she makes me laugh.’ Bobby Carroll, Comedy Knights
‘Don’t let her cool calm appearance fool you, this lady is hilarious and filth, both in perfectly equal measure.’ James Beatty, Laugh Out Loud Comedy
‘In amongst a strong line-up – she stole the show for me. Her delivery is so good and material well written that she was the freshest and funniest act of the night.’ Keir McAllister

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